Morocco Inks Digital Pact to Modernize Commerce Sector

By : Samira Njoya

Date : mardi, 21 mai 2024 13:52

Commerce and distribution are cornerstones of Morocco's economy, playing a significant role in driving both GDP and job creation. Embracing new technologies in this sector is crucial to boost its efficiency and sharpen its competitive edge.

Global digital advertising firm Aleph and Morocco's Ministry of Industry and Commerce signed a framework partnership agreement on Monday, May 20, in Rabat. The initiative aims to propel the digital transformation of the commerce sector and enhance merchant competitiveness.

"Our 'Digital Ad Expert' program is specifically designed to educate and empower our partners to leverage digital technologies," stated Mohamed Megahed, General Manager at Aleph Group, ensuring "a smooth transition to modern, efficient business models."

Under this partnership, Aleph will provide merchants with educational resources through the Digital Ad Expert platform and offer local support from Google-certified experts. The company will also organize training sessions and innovative workshops to effectively integrate digital advertising into their marketing strategies. The Ministry of Commerce will implement a joint action plan, mobilizing chambers of commerce and other entities to support the digitization of SMEs and organizing events to encourage the use of new technologies.

This partnership aligns with the government's trade recovery plan, which emphasizes sector modernization and job creation. The commerce and distribution sector, representing 10.8% of GDP and employing over 15.4% of the workforce (according to official figures), is a key target for this digitization push.

The Aleph-Ministry alliance is expected to assist businesses in digitizing services, ensuring their competitiveness in the increasingly digital commercial landscape. This collaboration is seen as a crucial step in fostering innovation, technology adoption, and ultimately, the growth of Morocco's digital economy.

Samira Njoya



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