Nigeria and UNDP team up to offer 3,000 paid tech internships

By : Hikmatu Bilali

Date : vendredi, 17 novembre 2023 09:26

Technology advances offer unlimited job creation and development potential. To capitalize on those opportunities, fast-track technology adoption, and address the growing demand for skilled professionals in the evolving tech landscape on the continent, African countries are teaming up with international institutions.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Federal Government of Nigeria will collaborate to provide a significant boost to the country's tech sector. The Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Bosun Tijani announced the partnership on Tuesday, November 14 in a tweet.,

The partnership aims to offer 3,000 internship slots for participants in the Federal Government's tech initiative, 3MTT, which is designed to enhance skills and opportunities in the technology sector.

The 3,000 internship opportunities provided by the UNDP will catalyze individuals looking to gain hands-on experience in the dynamic field of technology. It not only offers a unique chance for personal and professional growth but also aligns with the broader goal of fostering a robust and competitive tech ecosystem in Nigeria.

The collaborative effort underscores the two parties’ commitment to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. By providing real-world exposure to aspiring tech professionals, this initiative is poised to make a tangible impact on the nation's tech landscape.

In a joint statement, representatives from both the UNDP and the Nigerian government expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership and its potential to drive positive change in the tech sector.

Hikmatu Bilali


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