Japan Confirms Commitment to Supporting Burkina Faso's Digital Development

By : Samira Njoya

Date : lundi, 25 mars 2024 19:03

Digital technology plays a crucial role in Japan's economy, society and technology. Having made significant progress in this field, the country is keen to share its knowledge and successes with other nations, including Burkina Faso.

Japan is ready to support Burkina Faso in the implementation of its digital projects, Japanese ambassador to Burkina Faso, Jun Nagashima (photo, left), said during an audience with the Minister for Digital Transition, Posts and Electronic Communications, Aminata Zerbo/Sabane (photo, right), on Friday, March 22. 

"On behalf of Japan, I want to reiterate our strong commitment to continuing cooperation with Burkina Faso, especially in the digital realm. In today's globalized world, digital technologies are essential drivers of development. Japan has extensive experience in this field, and we're eager to share that knowledge and collaborate with Burkina Faso," said Jun Nagashima.

Japan has been among the leading nations in technology, especially robotics, for several decades. Japanese companies have developed numerous prototypes to simplify people’s lives. The country also excels in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and video games. In 2016, the Japanese government launched an initiative called Society 5.0, aimed at leveraging technology to address societal and economic challenges such as an ageing population and regional disparities in living standards.

In the realm of telecommunications, Japan is at the cutting edge of technological advancements in fibre optics development. The country holds the record for high-speed internet access, with Japanese scientists achieving a transmission of 22.9 petabits per second in a single optical fibre in December.

Collaboration in these areas would allow Burkina Faso to fully benefit from Japan’s advanced digital transformation expertise. Through experience sharing, Burkina Faso could leverage Japan’s proficiency, particularly in the development of digital administration, digitisation of public services and administrative procedures, and the application of artificial intelligence, among other areas.

Samira Njoya


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