Mozambique Seeks Advice from Zimbabwe on Digitizing the Judicial System

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : lundi, 25 mars 2024 15:06

In addition to collaborating with nations across different continents, African countries are joining forces to accelerate their digital transformation. This is the case of the cooperation between Zimbabwe and Mozambique in the judicial sector.

Mozambique plans to digitize its entire judicial system. Against this backdrop, the President of the Mozambican Supreme Court, Adelino Manuel Muchanga (photo, left), visited his Zimbabwean counterpart, Luke Malaba (photo, right), on Wednesday 20 March. The aim was to learn more about the Integrated Case Management System (IECMS) used by the Zimbabwean judicial services.

"We came to see what happened in Zimbabwe when it came to implement successfully the system and I think the key to the success, among other reasons, is that this is a national program," says Adelino Manuel Muchanga. He continued: "We are at the starting point and I think we will take this experience to Mozambique and see how we can involve the Government and other stakeholders so that we implement the system for many advantages that the systems can bring to the efficiency of the judicial system in Mozambique."

Like many African countries, Mozambique is in the process of digitally transforming key sectors of its economy. Countries such as Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, and Kenya have already embarked on this path, investing several million dollars in the process. Earlier this month, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya, Martha Koome, set 1 July as the deadline for her country's courts to stop printing pleading documents. These decisions aim to improve the efficiency of the judicial system and facilitate access to legal services for the population, notably those living in remote or isolated areas.

Zimbabwe's judicial services have been using IECMS since 2018. According to Luke Malaba, it particularly helped Zimbabwe improve efficiency and transparency in the sector.  

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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