Senegal unveils a national agriculture analytics platform

By : Samira Njoya

Date : mardi, 02 août 2022 16:02

Data is a key asset in the transformation of Africa’s agriculture sector. Therefore, by unveiling that platform, Senegalese authorities want to ensure the availability of reliable data for the elaboration of effective agricultural policies. 

On Friday (July 29), Senegal unveiled AgriData, its national agriculture analytics platform. The platform was launched, in Dakar, by the National Agency of Statistics and Demography (ANSD), the Directorate of Agricultural Analysis, Forecasting and Statistics (Dapsa), and the Agricultural and Rural Prospects Initiative (Ipar). During the launching ceremony, AgriData awards were conferred to young journalists and researchers for their contribution to the development of sustainable agriculture in the country. 

According to Cheikh Oumar Bâ, Executive Director of Ipar, the platform is a requirement to enable access to streamlined and efficient agriculture data for citizens. He explained that to ensure the reliability of the “reference platform,” data producers and users were rallied. 

The new platform shares comprehensive, reliable, and timely agricultural statistics and data that can inform evidence-based agricultural development policies. Its aim is to allow easy and quick access to agriculture information produced by actors and stakeholders right from a single platform. 

AgriData will also present the agriculture projects implemented by Senegal and their status reports. “The platform will present sectoral surveys conducted by national and international organizations,” Cheikh Oumar Bâ added.

Thanks to AgriData, which is part of Senegal’s strategy to meet the food security and sustainable agriculture goal by 2030, the country wants to pioneer agriculture data exploitation in Africa. 

Samira Njoya


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