The Sierra Leonean Hawanatu Sesay making sure students' complaints anonymously reach the right authorities

By : Hikmatu Bilali

Date : vendredi, 25 août 2023 09:20

The 21-year-old entrepreneur seeks to make a positive impact on her community by solving problems she relates to, through tech. She has great ambitions for the future.

Hawanatu Sesay (picture) is an aspiring entrepreneur and programmer from Sierra Leone. She is the founder of the Sierra Learning Complaint website. The tool enables students to anonymously voice their educational concerns. Through this website, she ensures students’ complaints reach the relevant authorities.

Passionate about positive change, Hawanatu created Sierra Learning Complaint after a computer programming training at Orange Fablab (in 2022). “Orange has provided knowledge and career development programs. They have helped me to identify my hidden potential,” Hawanatu says. This experience has given her the ability to act more effectively by using the current tools that young people like her love.

Apart from her work with the complaint site, Hawanatu who has also developed an interest in other technologies is actively working on an Internet of Things (IoT) project. The project aims to revolutionize agriculture by monitoring soil conditions, providing valuable insights to farmers, and helping troubleshoot any growth issues affecting their crops. Through the project, she aims to contribute to food security and sustainable farming in her community.

Before her entrepreneurial pursuits, Hawanatu engaged in volunteer work with a patriotic advocacy organization (2018-2021) during her school years. More recently (2021), she joined "Digital Islam," an organization providing charity to the less fortunate, and she is still an active volunteer.

Hawanatu Sesay exemplifies a young visionary determined to make a positive impact in her community. With her innovative mindset and commitment to using technology for social good, she is poised to become a significant figure in the tech and social entrepreneurship spheres. As she awaits college admission, she continues to pursue her passions and create positive change through her work.

Hikmatu Bilali


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