African ICT Ministers Adopt Continental AI Strategy

By : Redaction

Date : jeudi, 20 juin 2024 09:47

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) across the globe, African nations have a critical opportunity. They can harness AI's potential to fuel economic growth, but must also consider strategies to mitigate potential risks.

African ICT and Communication ministers have unanimously approved a Continental Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy and an African Digital Pact. Both documents aim to accelerate the continent's digital transformation by harnessing the potential of new digital technologies. They were approved during the second extraordinary session of the African Union's Specialized Technical Committee on Communication and ICT, held from Tuesday, June 11, to Thursday, June 13.

According to the African Union's communiqué, the Continental AI Strategy "provides guidance to African countries to harness artificial intelligence to meet Africa's development aspirations and the well-being of its people, while promoting ethical use, minimising potential risks, and leveraging opportunities."

The strategy also identifies key priorities and actions to ensure that African countries fully benefit from AI's capabilities. These include enhancing infrastructure, talent development, data institutions, innovation, and partnerships, while ensuring adequate safeguards and protection against threats.

The African Digital Pact outlines the continent's digital future and leverages the transformative potential of digital technologies to promote sustainable development, economic growth, and societal well-being across Africa. According to Amani Abou-zeid, the African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, the pact represents the continent's strategic commitment to using digital transformation as a catalyst for inclusive progress and sustainable development in Africa.

Both documents align with the African Union's Digital Transformation Strategy (2020-2030) and Agenda 2063. Developed through consultations with a wide range of stakeholders, they represent Africa's contribution to the Global Digital Compact and the upcoming United Nations Summit on the Future in September. Before that, they will be submitted to the African Union Executive Council in July for review and adoption.



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