Algeria Launches AI-Powered Platform for Student Orientation

By : Samira Njoya

Date : mercredi, 17 avril 2024 10:26

The ongoing digital transformation across the continent has already revolutionized everyday practices and instigated profound societal changes. Notably, the education sector, which holds significant importance, is also experiencing substantial reforms.

On April 15, in Algiers, Kamel Baddari, the Algerian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, unveiled plans for a new digital platform. This platform, designed to guide recent high school graduates, will leverage artificial intelligence to help students choose their future educational paths based on their academic records.

Baddari explained, “Graduates from the June 2024 session will have access to a digital platform designed to identify the fields and specialties that best align with their abilities and grades. This will be achieved using artificial intelligence techniques and data analysis.”

The new platform is part of a broader series of digital reforms recently initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education. These reforms have led to significant savings for the ministry, approximately 72 billion DA (around $53.4 million) in university catering costs and 640 million DA in university transportation from October to last March. The digitization process has thus allowed the ministry to streamline expenses and enhance service quality.

The Algerian government’s investment in this new guidance platform aims to reduce dropout rates, reorientation needs, and student dissatisfaction. The artificial intelligence incorporated into the platform will aid young people in making informed decisions about their university courses. The ultimate goal is to transform student life through precise post-baccalaureate guidance and the selection of a professional, customized curriculum. This will enable students to contribute to wealth creation and job opportunities, thereby adding value to the national economy.

Samira Njoya


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