Chad and Egypt discuss digital cooperation

By : Samira Njoya

Date : lundi, 13 novembre 2023 13:42

In 2020, Chad unveiled a strategic plan for digital and postal development, reflecting the government's determination to catch up with its technological backlog. To implement these projects, the country needs experienced partners.

Egypt and Chad are considering avenues for digital cooperation. The matter was discussed, last November 9, on the sidelines of a working meeting between Mahamat Allahou Taher (photo, center), Chad's Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Economy, and an Egyptian delegation in N'Djamena, Chad.

According to the Chadian Ministry of Digital Economy, the discussions focused, among other things, on the issue of international fiber optic interconnection (Chad-Egypt), the digitization of Chadian public administration, and the training of executives in digital skills.

The meeting is part of the strategic plan for digital and postal development (PSDNP 20-30) launched by the Chadian government in 2020. It takes place in a context marked by the acceleration of digital transformation in the country and the relaunch of work on the trans-Saharan fiber optic backbone in Chad.

For Egypt, the meeting is part of the government's efforts to implement its "Digital Egypt 2030" digital transformation strategy. To achieve this, Cairo is multiplying partnerships with countries with which it has good relations.

Collaboration between the two countries should enable Chad to take full advantage of Egypt, which is already well advanced in its digital transformation, particularly in e-governance and the provision of high-speed connectivity. The country plans to issue 5G network licenses to telecom operators by December. As for the provision of online services, since 2019 the country has launched the dematerialization of most of its public services. This initiative propelled the country to the 6th position among 16 African nations leading the way in e-government in 2022, as reported by the United Nations.

Samira Njoya


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