China to Help Mauritian Post Company Achieve Digital Transformation

By : Samira Njoya

Date : vendredi, 28 juillet 2023 11:21

Last updated : vendredi, 28 juillet 2023 11:23

Spurred by Covid and digital transformation, the postal sector has morphed in a very short period, especially looking at e-commerce’s rapid growth. To ride this tide, African countries decided to update their post systems.

China will support the digital transformation of Mauritius’ post company, Mauritius Post. A group of Chinese experts was in the African country earlier this week, July 24th, in this framework. 

China, according to the Mauritian Minister of ICT and Innovation, Darsanand Balgobin, will provide in-depth training to post office staff, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need to implement, locally, everything they will be taught. 

The Asian giant will also provide its technical expertise for the digitization of key postal activities to improve the postal services offered to the population. 

The collaboration aligns with Mauritius Post’s new vision, which involves introducing digital technology into its main activities and revitalizing itself through the e-post project. 

To this end, the Mauritian government has sought the expertise of several countries to help improve local postal services. The government, among others, wants parcel delivery to be faster and make postal services more efficient, by introducing digital claim services, parcel tracking, and online payments. 

Many African countries, like Mauritius, are taking steps to digitize their postal services to boost postal activity, and e-commerce, and attract big sales companies. Examples of such countries include Senegal, Congo, South Africa, and Djibouti.

Samira Njoya


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