World Bank Grants $20 Million to Expand Smart Africa Digital Academy

By : Samira Njoya

Date : jeudi, 29 février 2024 12:25

Africa needs a skilled workforce to effectively achieve its digital transformation. It can count on the World Bank and its partners, committed to supporting its endeavors. 

The Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA) has received a $20 million grant from the World Bank to expand its activities across Africa, as part of the West Africa Regional Digital Integration Program (WARDIP).

The World Bank funding will support a project that expands upon the existing foundations of SADA and the AReg4DT program. It will train a new generation of African policymakers and regulators, equipping them to utilize the potential of green and inclusive digital transformation through innovative approaches to policy and regulation.

"With this aim, the scale-up will reach 30,000 unique policymakers and decision-makers from all African countries, with a targeted participation level of females at 40%. Given the World Bank’s commitment to digital transformation in Africa, the grant will significantly contribute to regional integration and rapid adoption of the Single Digital Market for Africa," says the Smart Africa press release.

This grant builds upon previous World Bank and SADA collaborations aimed at building digital capabilities in Africa. In November 2023, for instance, the World Bank announced $266.5 million in funding for similar purposes and also for internet access expansion and a single West African digital market.

Initially launched by the Smart Africa Alliance with funding of around $30,000, SADA has already made remarkable progress. Since August 2020, it has offered online training for decision-makers and policy-makers, helping to improve digital skills and promote a dynamic learning ecosystem across Africa.

Samira Njoya


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