Burkina Faso Limits Subscribers to Two SIM Cards per Telecom Operator

By : Samira Njoya

Date : vendredi, 20 octobre 2023 14:16

In recent years, mobile fraud and cybercrime have risen significantly in Africa's digital space. Governments are, therefore, stepping up measures to put an end to these crimes.

Burkina Faso will reduce the number of SIM Cards each subscriber can register with a single telecom operator from five to two. The measure was adopted by the Council of Ministers in Ouagadougou on Wednesday, October 18.

According to Aminata Zerbo-Sabané, Minister of Digital Transition, Posts and Electronic Communications, the government's measure is aimed at combating insecurity in the country.

 "Considering the security situation in Burkina Faso and the improper use of electronic communication services, the government, during today's Council meeting, has decided to enforce a decree aimed at strengthening the regulatory framework governing the identification of electronic communication service subscribers, clients, and providers. It's important to note that there was already the December 2018 decree overseeing that identification process. However, after several years of implementation, challenges and deficiencies have been observed,” she said. 

The bill adopted by the Council of Ministers addresses these shortcomings and provides for several other measures, including streamlining the identification requirements for subscribing to electronic communication services, as well as the obligation for operators to sell SIM cards in their agencies or approved sales outlets. Operators and their customers have three months to comply with these new measures.

The new measures are expected to facilitate improved monitoring of SIM card access and enhance the credibility of electronic communication service user data. These actions are aimed at effectively countering any illicit exploitation of these services.

Samira Njoya


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