Orange Unveils Super-App Max it for Greater Inclusion

By : redaction

Date : vendredi, 24 novembre 2023 17:14

On the African continent where value-added digital services are getting appealing by the day, telecom operators are adapting their strategies to remain competitive. In that context, Orange is multiplying innovations, in line with its “Lead the Future” vision, to meet subscribers’ needs.  

Earlier today, November 24, Orange Middle East and Africa (OMEA) announced the launch of Max it, its super app. Currently, the app is available in five African countries, namely Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Botswana. It will be gradually rolled out with functional updates in the twelve other countries that make up Orange’s market in the Middle East-Africa zone.

According to Orange CEO Christel Heydemann, "Max it perfectly reflects Orange’s spirit of innovation in Africa and the Middle East. By bringing together all our services and those of numerous partners, this application strengthens our position as a multi-service operator and our desire to offer the best of digital services to all our customers."

The digital solution aggregates three essential service offerings into a unified smartphone interface. Orange customers can seamlessly manage their mobile or fixed lines, and access a wide range of local and international financial services including money transfers, merchant payments, bank transfers, credit, and savings. Additionally, users can access diverse digital content such as online games, music, TV, videos, news, and more through an inclusive marketplace. The interface even facilitates the purchase of tickets for events like concerts and transportation services.

Max it is accessible to all, regardless of operator, with Orange Money as the payment base, while accepting other solutions for paying for purchases via the super-app. Available in different languages and integrating local specificities for greater inclusion, Max it will enable the development of new uses while meeting the different needs of its users' daily lives,” Orange indicates in a release.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the mobile phone is the main gateway to the digital world.  With a current smartphone adoption rate of 51%, projected to reach 87% by 2030, Orange is poised to capitalize on this potential by expanding its reach through its app over the next seven years. Aiming to connect with a wider audience, Orange has set a target of registering nearly 45 million active Max it users by 2025, building upon its existing base of 32 million monthly Orange Money users.


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