Zimbabwe’s Investment Agency Launches Digital DIY Investment Licensing System

By : Hikmatu Bilali

Date : mercredi, 28 février 2024 09:16

Technology is indispensable for investment in Africa. It enhances access to information, streamlines processes, and improves transparency, thereby attracting both local and international investors, showcasing potential, and enabling effective participation in the global economy.

Zimbabwe’s Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) unveiled, on February 22, its groundbreaking digital Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investment licensing system, signaling the nation’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly climate. The innovative platform streamlines investment processes, enticing both local and international investors.

Tafadzwa Chinamo (pictured), CEO of ZIDA, praised the launch as a pivotal moment, emphasizing Zimbabwe’s determination to facilitate seamless investment procedures. The DIY portal reduces the license approval timeline from seven working days to an impressive two to five days. Investors worldwide can now navigate the licensing process remotely, eliminating geographical barriers.

The automated system integrates with various government ministries and departments, ensuring a harmonized regulatory approach. Busisa Moyo, Chairman of ZIDA, underscored the portal’s strategic significance in positioning Zimbabwe competitively on the global investment stage. With swift access to the nation’s abundant opportunities, investors can explore Zimbabwe’s potential with ease.

Zimbabwe’s transition to digital platforms reflects a broader commitment to modernization and efficiency within its regulatory landscape. By simplifying procedures and enhancing transparency, the government aims to instill investor confidence and catalyze economic growth.

Martin Rushwaya, Chief Secretary to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, reaffirmed the government’s resolve to dismantle bureaucratic obstacles and bolster investor protection mechanisms. ZIDA’s digital leap represents a crucial stride toward realizing Zimbabwe’s vision of economic transformation. The nation stands poised to become a beacon of investment opportunity, attracting forward-thinking entrepreneurs and fostering innovation.

The transition to digitalization indicates Zimbabwe's openness to business, and innovation, and its support for entrepreneurship and investment. With this visionary strategy, investors from around the globe can boldly explore the opportunities Zimbabwe offers as the nation advances into the future.

Hikmatu Bilali



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