Cameroon: Clinic Home offers home healthcare services

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : lundi, 05 juin 2023 10:26

The solution was developed by a Cameroonian doctor to offer a customized solution tailored to local realities for affordable access to home healthcare.

Clinic Home is an e-health solution developed by E-santé Cameroun. It enables users to book appointments for home or remote consultations with doctors, general practitioners, or specialists. It also offers home laboratory and online pharmacy services. 

Based in Douala, E-santé Cameroun was founded in 2021 by Philippe Ohandja, a trained doctor. Its solution aims to smooth the care pathway.  For that purpose, it developed a mobile app -available for Android and iOS users- through which users can register and start booking services. To book the services of a practitioner, they just have to fill a form informing of the type of practitioner they need, when and the type of service they need as well as their conditions. 

"Few minutes after payment is made, a teleoperator will call [the user] and forward the call to a doctor who will make an over-the-phone assessment before going to the patient’s home. After the consultation, if necessary, the doctor will ask a nurse to go to the patient for further tests or nursing care,” Philippe Ohandja told We Are Tech Africa at Gitex Africa (May 31-June 2) in Morocco. 

If needed, the patient can also buy drugs and directly request for tests right from the mobile app. 

A consultation with a general practitioner affiliated with Clinic Home costs CFAF10,000 (around $16.41). The fee rises to CFAF15,000 for consultations at night time or at weekends.  Consultations with specialists cost CFAF15,000 at daytime and CFAF20,000 for night and weekend consultations. Teleconsultation, on the other hand, costs CFAF3,000.

The start-up claims around 25,000 users. In 2022, it joined an acceleration program in the Sahel through I&P (investors and partners). Although it has not yet completed a financing round, E-santé Cameroun plans to expand outside Cameroon, starting with Côte d’Ivoire. 

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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