DRC: Umojja promotes peace with its social networking platform

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : jeudi, 16 novembre 2023 14:36

Determined to provide Africans with a social networking platform designed just for them, three young Africans have embarked on the adventure of digital entrepreneurship. Their solution is named Umojja, which means "unity" in Kiswahili, a Bantu language spoken in many parts of the continent.

Umojja is a social networking platform developed by a Congolese startup. It enables users to access a variety of creative content, news, and personal moments shared by other platform users. The startup, based in the city of Goma and founded by Congolese Charles Muleka Kitwa Djo Kyadi and Nigerian Temilade Oduwalo, launched its solution in 2023.

"Leveraging the lessons learned from the ravages of war, Umojja aims to provide a secure platform for young people to exchange information. Our focus is on fostering not only the development of our own country but also contributing positively to others, given that our nation is already a member of various organizations. By connecting through Umojja, we strive to extend these benefits beyond our borders, facilitating mutual growth and collaboration," said Charles Muleka Kitwa.

Currently, the solution features only an Android application. Users, whether on the web platform or the mobile app, can register by inputting various personal details, including their name, email address, telephone number, gender, and country of origin. Upon successful registration, users gain access to the platform, enabling them to follow content creators, news media accounts, and other users.

Umojja offers users a range of features, including the ability to broadcast live videos, make video calls, place ads, create a company page, conduct polls, share videos, and send text messages. The platform actively combats the dissemination of fake news. It adopts a unique approach by compensating content creators based on the viewership of their videos. Since the launch of its mobile app in July 2013, it has been downloaded over a hundred times, according to Play Store data.

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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