Egypt: CheckMe Health provides on-demand blood collection services

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : mercredi, 15 mars 2023 12:35

In Africa, access to healthcare is challenging in some areas. This is why so many healththech startups are being created to offer interesting solutions to ease access to that basic service. 

CheckMe Health is a digital solution developed by an Egyptian startup. It allows users access to blood collection services in partner laboratories.

Checkme provides an “easy and smooth experience for everyone, from uploading prescriptions and getting Online Consultation to choosing from the best clinical labs around Egypt to book lab tests, PCR, and Scans and receive your results on your phone,”  reads the solution’s web platform. 

Through its mobile app (Android and iOS apps), a user can set up an account to access the services offered. He/she can select a medical test or download a prescription directly from the platform, compare the rates applied by the various partner laboratories, and then, book an appointment. Once the appointment is booked, a representative will come to collect the samples and the results will be sent to the mobile app when available. 

In December 2022, the startup -which claims more than 100,000 CheckMe Health users- announced the acquisition of DoctorOnline, another healthtech that provides on-demand diagnostics.

According to CheckMeHealth co-founder Nesma El Talawy, “this acquisition falls in line with our expansion strategy in the region and with the expansion of our service offering. According to McKinsey Global Institute, the costs saved by Health-tech to the healthcare sector could lie between $1.5 trillion and $3 trillion a year by 2030, which makes acquisitions like this pivotal in their economic impact in the region.”

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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