Egypt: Kenzz boosts e-commerce by connecting manufacturers and consumers

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : vendredi, 08 septembre 2023 17:24

The number of e-commerce platforms is increasing in Egypt, and competition for market share is fierce. Although based in Cairo, this start-up has decided to conquer other cities in the land of the pyramids.

Kenzz is an e-commerce platform developed by an Egyptian startup. It enables users to shop online at competitive prices without going through intermediaries or resellers. The Cairo-based start-up was founded in February 2022 by Ahmed Atef, Mahmoud Al Silk, and Moataz Sami. In October of the same year, it raised around $3.5 million to accelerate its growth in the domestic market.

"We’re going after a completely different segment that Amazon and the big platforms are not looking at as they are centralized in big cities and towards the people who are comfortable buying online. [...] What we’re doing is bringing that experience much closer to the masses and building a reliable, trustworthy e-commerce platform that caters specifically to the mass market, solving for the barriers to buying, whether it’s trust, affordability, and relevance while capitalizing on social engagement and social interaction aspects of e-commerce," explains Ahmed Atef.

Through the Kenzz mobile app –available for Android and iOS devices, users can create accounts with their phone numbers and access the various stores on the platform. Whether for groceries, clothing, home and sports goods, household appliances, or even books, Kenzz has stores specialized in all of those items and more. 

It allows users to make group purchases, with friends or family, for up to 65% discounts. Currently, the startup has chosen to develop activities in secondary cities in Egypt. For the time being, Play Store data show rapid growth as the Android version of its app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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