Egypt: Milezmore offers scalable logistics solutions in the e-commerce industry

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : jeudi, 05 mai 2022 16:00

In Africa, startups usually face management problems due to limited financial resources. Egyptian startup Milezmore wants to address that issue in the e-commerce sector by offering logistics and supply-chain management solutions.

Milezmore is an Egyptian startup founded in 2021 by Ahmed El Attar and Mohamed Abdulaziz. Through its eponymous platform, it offers a range of reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient logistics solutions. Its technology is based on cloud computing, which allows better supply chain management as well as optimization of performance and profitability.  

“What I witnessed during the past four years is that the traditional supply chain wasn’t built to solve today’s problem, and I believe Milezmore was built for that. In one year, we were able to build a strong and passionate team that drove the company forward and achieved tremendous results,” says MD and co-founder Ahmed El Attar explaining the idea behind the startup. 

The services offered by Milezmore are accessible through its SaaS platform (there is currently no mobile Milezmore app) with one simple subscription. They include stock management, warehousing, order fulfillment, last-mile delivery, return management, and payment collection. Small businesses, in the e-commerce sector notably, can therefore contract Milezmore for their logistics needs to save costs and reduce financial risks. 

The start-up has over 20,000 square meters of warehousing space and 15 delivery centers. With more than one million parcels delivered, it claims a 94% success rate. In February 2022, it raised US$5 million in pre-seed funding to upgrade its technology and support growth. 

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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