Ghana: TroTro Tractor connects farmers to farm machinery owners

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : mercredi, 03 mai 2023 10:37

Last updated : mercredi, 03 mai 2023 10:55

Africa has a well-documented agricultural potential. Yet, its farmers struggle in various aspects of their work. This can change with the introduction of technology in the sector. 

TroTro Tractor is a digital solution developed by a Ghanaian startup. The platform allows farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to rent agricultural equipment such as tractors, seeders, combine harvesters, and sprayers. It was developed by an eponymous startup launched, in 2016, by Adam Muhammed Muhideen and Kamal Yakub to enable easy access to modern, high-quality agricultural machinery that can help Ghanaian farmers improve productivity and maximize yields. 

Through its Android app, farmers and entrepreneurs can create accounts to access the machines available. The machines can be sorted by rental rates, geographical location, and most importantly type of machine.  TroTro Tractor also has a USSD code that allows farmers with no access to the internet or living in remote areas to access its services. 

The startup also offers training on how to use agricultural machines, technical assistance, and maintenance services.  With its maintenance reminders and management reports, it also helps farmers plan and manage their farming operations more efficiently.  

According to play store’s stats, the app has been downloaded just over 100 times. This, however, is not considered a good indication of the popularity enjoyed by the solution since most African rural areas lack internet connection and the USSD code may be the most used option.  

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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