Kaalix: A Moroccan App Connecting Users to Last-Mile Deliveries

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : jeudi, 07 décembre 2023 10:56

With the explosion of e-commerce in Africa, efficient delivery services have become an essential cog in the wheel. In Morocco, a tech entrepreneur has embarked on the adventure to revolutionize last-mile delivery.

Kaalix, a technological solution developed by a Moroccan startup, empowers users to access a range of delivery services conveniently from their smartphones or computers. Founded in 2019 by Ilyess Hammouda, the Casablanca-based startup has quickly gained traction in the country.  

Accessible through its mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms, Kaalix offers a multitude of services. Users can effortlessly order food from their favorite restaurants, shop online at various boutiques (including grocery stores, clothing stores, and supermarkets), or directly access a courier service for delivery needs independent of existing partner stores. This flexibility allows users to pick up parcels within the city without requiring an order from a partner store or restaurant.

For restaurant and store deliveries, users can easily browse menus and catalogs, add items to their cart, and have their purchases delivered directly to their desired location. Real-time tracking of delivery drivers from within the app provides added convenience and transparency. Importantly, delivery rates are tailored to the user's location, ensuring fair and transparent pricing.

In 2021, Kaalix partnered with the e-commerce platform Marjane, expanding its reach and user base. Its rapid growth is evident in the number of downloads its Android app garnered on PlayStore. According to PlayStore, the app has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times. 

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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