Madagascar: mTomady accelerates progress towards universal healthcare coverage

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : mardi, 27 septembre 2022 12:30

In Africa, access to quality healthcare is still quite challenging for a number of reasons.  Authorities are implementing programs to help their populations. At the same time, tech entrepreneurs are leveraging technology to offer interesting alternatives.  

mTomady is a digital platform developed by an eponymous Malagasy startup. It facilitates access to healthcare for its users by enabling them to subscribe to health insurance via mobile money accounts.  

The digital platform was launched in 2019 to provide pregnant women and young mothers access to a portfolio of mobile health services and digital vouchers for subsidized care. Later, in 2020, its legal entity was formed by Elsa Rajemison, Julius Emmrich, and Samuel Knauss to serve everyone.

mTomady “builds and implements technology that lowers financial barriers to healthcare and accelerates progress towards universal healthcare coverage.” It “provides low-income, remote, or otherwise vulnerable families with access to a variety of health financing mechanisms through mobile phones.”

To benefit from its services, users must enroll by dialing a dedicated USSD code or by getting in touch with healthcare providers. Once registered, the user can start paying his/her contributions -either by installments or at once- via mobile money. When the user needs healthcare, he/she will receive funds in his/her mTomady mobile portfolio. That fund, which is different from the mobile money account, will be exclusively used for healthcare services, the purchase of medication, or even pay contributions. 

In 2020, mTomady won the Global Health Hub Germany’s innovation award. This year, it is on the list of the 43 African startups that will participate in the Social & Inclusive Business Camp sponsored by the French Development Agency. Its plan is to expand to other African countries, namely Uganda and Ghana where it will be integrated into the national insurance fund’s digital platform. 

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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