Nigeria: Teesas offers local language courses and tutorials

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : jeudi, 23 mars 2023 12:07

Africans are increasingly turning to e-learning. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, interest in this sector has increased and local tech entrepreneurs are offering tailor-made solutions, adapted to the needs of the population.

Teesas is an edtech solution developed by a Nigerian start-up. It helps users -children notably- improve their understanding of various topics and subjects and learn indigenous languages. The start-up, based in Ikeja, was founded in 2020 by Osayi Izedonmwen. It raised, less than two months after its launch, $1.6 million to develop its technology and better position itself in the Nigerian market.

“Teesas provides a platform where educators and learners engage seamlessly and efficiently, to facilitate a fun and effective learning experience via the deployment of technology and the adoption of local culture and dialects,”  the startup indicates on its web platform. 

Users can access its content through its mobile applications developed for iOS and Android devices -the Android version has been downloaded more than 100,000 times from Playstore. To allow their children to access the contents, parents can register accounts and select the subjects their children are struggling with or local language courses. The content is inspired by the Nigerian national curriculum, which makes it easier for learners.

Osayi Izedonmwen explains that "live classes deal with concepts where learners have challenges. The learners sit with teachers in small remote classes of 10 or 15 for a personalized engagement, and to get more rigor into the teaching process.” Access to the content requires a subscription (starting from $6 monthly).

The solution also has dedicated Android and iOS apps for parents to track children’s progress in the selected subjects and languages. It provides access to information about opportunities for improvement and personalized learning data. "We foresee a future where kids don’t have to attend in-person classes because they can cover entire curriculums on an app, and be ready enough for their secondary school entrance exams," Osayi Izedonmwen indicates.

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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