Senegal: 20/20 Edtech Empowers Secondary School Learners with Educational Videos

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : lundi, 13 mai 2024 09:23

To make learning more accessible and engaging, two Senegalese tech entrepreneurs launched a new e-learning platform aimed at students from middle school through senior high school. The platform has already secured partnerships with several Senegalese schools.

20/20 Edtech, an e-learning solution developped by a Senegalese startup, provides users with a wealth of educational content accessible via web and mobile platforms at their fingertips. The startup, headquartered in Dakar, was established in 2020 by Abderrahmane Sow and Ahmadou Ba. Its mission is to build a library of cost-effective educational content for students in Francophone Africa.

The startup explains, “By utilizing the 20sur20 platform, students can learn through hundreds of concise, straightforward, and highly engaging videos that enable them to review at their own pace, practice continuously by answering our quiz questions that ensure comprehension of the material, and improve by pinpointing their knowledge gaps and focusing their learning efforts accordingly.”

The solution includes a mobile app, which is exclusively available on Android and not on the Play Store. Users must navigate to the web platform to download the app and register an account by providing their personal information. Once registered, users can access a range of edtech content, from sixth grade to senior high school. Currently, only the content for sixth grade, ninth grade, and twelfth grade is available on 20/20 Edtech.

In addition to a variety of courses, quizzes are provided to enable users to gauge their proficiency levels. An analytical dashboard offers real-time performance visualization, identifies areas of weakness, and automatically addresses them with the platform’s content. The objective is to generate 1,500 videos and 50,000 quizzes across seven subjects (including mathematics, physics-chemistry, life, and earth sciences, philosophy, etc.) for secondary school classes. The aim of 20/20 Edtech is to simplify studies for students at the various levels mentioned.

Adoni Conrad Quenum



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