Tunisia: Branper helps evaluate and monitor brand image

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : jeudi, 08 juin 2023 12:03

Branper combines two words, “brand” and “perception”. The solution offers tech entrepreneurs another way of assessing their brand image. Thanks to Branper, they can anticipate certain situations. 

Branper is a B2B service developed by strategy consulting firm GOWL.  It enables users to conduct or participate in customized surveys and market research. Tech entrepreneurs can use it to optimize their business intelligence and customer experience by predicting consumer trends. It aims to get insights, customer perceptions, and benchmarks.

The service has no mobile app so users need to visit its web platform to access its services and features. They can register either as users or tech entrepreneurs and access the Branper dashboard. During registration, the platform collects personal information, which can be used by its clients for brand advertising. 

Users can then take part in various surveys or market studies. "The questions mainly focus on consumer satisfaction at each stage of the sales process. That is to say, how they are welcomed in the stores, how their request is handled, how interest was shown in their needs, the quality of the products, whether they intend to recommend the brand or not, and whether they plan to buy the brand's products or services again," says Saïd Ben Jlili founder of GOWL. 

 Each survey earns users points that can be redeemed for airtime top-ups or gift vouchers. "Facebook's services are [gradually] becoming fee-based, which could harm SMEs. Brands are therefore called upon to work harder on customer satisfaction by finding other communication channels and more innovative strategies. They can no longer rely on their images alone," says Saïd Ben Jlili.

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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