Bamako IHub Supports and Finances Green Technology Projects in Mali

By : Melchior Koba

Date : lundi, 26 février 2024 17:21

In line with its mission to help startups and entrepreneurs grow, Bamako IHub, a Mali-based innovation hub, offers a range of resources including financial support, coworking spaces, and R&D laboratories.

Bamako IHub, a Malian incubator, is dedicated to fostering a conducive ecosystem for technology start-ups and green industry companies in Mali and Africa. Established by the non-governmental organization Mali Folkecenter Nyetaa, the tech hub aims to equip startups, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, expertise, and training for their growth.

The incubator provides a coworking and networking space, fablabs for R&D, and a range of programs including pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration, and financial support for seed-stage start-ups. Our mission “is to provide startups, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, primarily in the tech and green sectors, with the essential tools for their growth, the expertise and training they need to develop their businesses and themselves, as well as technical and financial support tools tailored to the needs of project leaders and the African entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem in general, and Mali in particular,” it informs on its website. 

Bootstrap-Mali, the hub’s pre-incubation program, offers a three-month professional technical training course introducing tech entrepreneurship and the green industry in Mali to students, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

BoostUp-Mali, the incubator’s incubation and acceleration program, assists tech and green startups and entrepreneurs in structuring their startups, organizing their initiatives, building their teams, and accessing the market and initial financing.

Through its BuildUp-Mali program, Bamako IHub provides members access to experimentation labs, coworking and collaboration spaces, and devices with pro versions of sought-after software in the sector. The incubator’s fablab offers a range of devices, including 3D and PVC card printers, and state-of-the-art work tools such as computers and high-speed internet.

Melchior Koba


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