Cameroon: Alain Ekambi Connects Africans with Their Families and Friends

By : Melchior Koba

Date : jeudi, 13 juin 2024 10:12

Last updated : jeudi, 20 juin 2024 12:29

Alain Ekambi (photo) is a Cameroonian computer scientist and tech entrepreneur. As the co-founder and director of Dikalo, he designs technologies that enable people to connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow their businesses.
Founded in 2017 by Alain Ekambi, Daniel Agnéro, Bitoa Pedenkil, and Kate Awanka, Dikalo is a social network with a mission to become Africa's best. Its priority is to connect people while protecting their privacy. Dikalo also aims to stimulate business growth, create jobs, and strengthen the local economy. Through Hoka, its integrated mobile payment feature, Dikalo enables instant bankless money transfers and receptions.
"Dikalo focuses on Africa with features and services tailored to the continent and its people (stickers, Afro emojis, money transfers, e-commerce, etc.). We are authentically African, something WhatsApp will never be. We need our own communication tools because our revolution is more ideological than technological," said Alain Ekambi in 2019.
In 2014, Ekambi founded Ahomé Innovation Technologies with Togolese entrepreneur Elom Amouh. This consulting firm is based in Germany.
Alain Ekambi holds a degree in computer science, obtained in 2010 from Wilhem Büchner University. After his studies, he worked as a software architect at jambit, a German software services provider. Between 2010 and 2014, he was a software engineer at NTT Data Germany, an innovator in business and technology services.


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