Guinea: Mohamed Souaré develops a tracking device for safer Hajj

By : Melchior Koba

Date : mardi, 30 mai 2023 15:08

As the CEO of a  company specializing in application development, artificial intelligence, and connected devices, he creates practical technological solutions for people. His latest innovation is a tracking bracelet that enables Muslim pilgrims to always find their way around Mecca.

On May 25, 2023, Guinean tech company Continental SOFT unveiled a new GPS tracking bracelet specifically designed for Muslim pilgrims. The product, called Smart Hajj 2.0, uses cutting-edge technologies such as GPS, QR codes, mobile connectivity, and advanced tracking algorithms to prevent users from getting lost while performing the annual Islamic pilgrimage (Hajj). It is made from nylon and plastic, making it resistant to bad weather. 

"Each pilgrim is equipped with a discreet, lightweight, and easy-to-wear tracking device, which continuously transmits his or her geographical position. A mobile application also tracks the pilgrim’s moves. If lost, the latter can simply flash the QR code to instantly check the guide” and get the route to take, explained Mohamed Souaré, the brain behind the innovative product and founder/CEO of Continental SOFT.  

Apart from Smart Hajj 2.0, the Guinean innovator has developed several tech products. They include Smart désinfectant - Covid-19, a disinfection tunnel designed to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. He is also behind Calculatrice N'ko, a calculator using the N’Ko alphabetic script, and Smart School, an intelligent machine capable of detecting students’ location and informing parents in real-time. In 2020, thanks to Continental SOFT, he was awarded the Katala Award issued by Covid Hero.

Melchior Koba


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