Rwanda: Albert Munyabugingo delivers food products

By : Melchior Koba

Date : mardi, 21 mars 2023 12:14

He gained experience in e-commerce and online delivery while working for Jumia in Rwanda. He took advantage of the unicorn's departure from his country to launch his online food ordering and delivery business.

Albert Munyabugingo (photo) is a telecommunications expert who graduated from the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) with a bachelor's degree in networking and communication in 2014. He is the founder and CEO of the Rwandan delivery service Vuba Vuba Africa. 

Founded in January 2020, Vuba Vuba Africa is an online food trading and on-demand delivery company. It is one of the most popular delivery services in Rwanda. Born shortly before the coronavirus pandemic, the service has experienced over 40% growth during the pandemic. The growth was spurred by the containment measures, which caused a 450% increase in online transactions, as of May 2020, according to the National Bank of Rwanda. 

By 2021, the startup had already received more than 500,000 orders in major cities across the country and 300 partnerships with businesses, stores, restaurants, and boutiques. It was employing 26 office staff and over 100 couriers.

Most of Vuba Vuba Africa's employees are former Jumia Rwanda staff. Indeed, before founding Vuba Vuba Africa, Albert Munyabugingo worked for Jumia Rwanda, first as operations manager between (December 2014 and November 2017) and then as general manager from July 2017 to January 2020. When it decided to leave Rwanda (in 2019), Jumia also left behind unemployed staff and couriers. Seeing an opportunity from what could have been a misfortune for some, the entrepreneur filled the gap by founding his delivery service and hiring the former Jumia staff who had already worked under his management.  

His professional career began in 2012 at Tigo Rwanda, a brand of the telecom company Millicom, where he was the customer service manager. In May 2014, he joined Hellofood Rwanda, an online food ordering company, as the content and customer service manager.

Melchior Koba


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