Rwanda: Cishahayo Songa Achille Democrtizes Digital Skills Through Techinika

By : Melchior Koba

Date : mardi, 20 février 2024 13:30

A computer scientist, he aims to democratize digital skills by making the latest technological advances accessible to novices, while providing practical advice on how to navigate this ever-changing world.

In Rwanda, Cishahayo Songa Achille (photo) is a software engineer and tech entrepreneur who founded Techinika, an edtech firm established in 2020. The company aims to educate the general public, particularly those not versed in technology, about current advancements and practical applications within the field. By doing so, Techinika seeks to empower individuals and organizations with essential digital skills.

As Managing Director since March 2023, Achille oversees daily operations and leads the Techinika team during regular gatherings. His responsibilities include ensuring the realization of Techinika's goal of imparting contemporary digital knowledge across various sectors.

Achille obtained a high school diploma in computer networking from the Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) in Kigali in 2019. Currently, he continues his education in information technology at IPRC, working towards earning an advanced diploma.

In January 2024, Achille joined forces with others to establish the African Soft Skills Organization, which focuses on enhancing self-confidence among technical students in Rwanda and throughout Africa by developing their professional abilities. Additionally, he serves as a full-stack engineer at Progress MiH, providing financial support for projects aimed at achieving corporate objectives.

Beyond these roles, Achille maintains a presence online as both a blogger and a YouTuber. Previously, he held positions at other technology firms, including serving as Technical Team Leader at Andela and Program Coordinator at Afflatus Africa in 2022.

Furthermore, Achille has been invited to speak at events like the She Can Code School in 2023 and served as Co-Organizer and Chairman of the Rise and Talk Gavel Club debate competition at the IPRC in Kigali. Moreover, he shared insights into artificial intelligence on Rwandan television channel TV10.

Melchior Koba


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