Togolese Entrepreneur Edeh Dona Etchri Transforms Agriculture with E-AgriBusiness

By : Melchior Koba

Date : lundi, 04 décembre 2023 12:55

Like virtually every socio-economic sector, agriculture, a cornerstone of development in Africa, is undergoing a digital revolution. In Togo, a young entrepreneur has designed a tech tool to digitize the value chain for more efficiency in the sector. 

Edeh Dona Etchri (photo),  a Togolese entrepreneur, is the founder of digital marketplace E-Agribusiness and the CEO of CLIN SARL, the company behind the marketplace.  He graduated from CFI Médias (France) in 2017 with a diploma in digital and citizen project management. 

Through E-AgriBusiness, he seamlessly connects various stakeholders within the agricultural industry, with the platform being accessible through a website, mobile application, USSD solution, SMS, chatbot, or call center, accommodating users in multiple local languages. As of now, the application is active in Togo, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, and Congo-Brazzaville.

E-AgriBusiness serves as a  lifeline for farmers, helping them minimize crop losses, enabling optimal pricing, fostering technological and financial inclusion, increasing income, and ultimately improving living conditions. The solution also enables buyers to streamline product targeting and purchasing processes, enhancing efficiency in the agricultural supply chain. It is also a valuable ally for governments and development partners, aiding in implementing agricultural policies, offering relevant indicators, promoting financial inclusion, and contributing to poverty reduction.

In an interview with CIO Mag in 2020 on the reasons that prompted the creation of E-Agribusiness, Edeh Dona Etchri explained that pre-harvest market linkages empower farmers to minimize post-harvest losses, eliminate the threat of spoilage, and enhance income stability, thereby promoting household well-being and uplifting socioeconomic status.

Apart from his role as CEO at CLIN SARL, the entrepreneur serves as the Technical Director of the IT company Wassa Group Sarl and holds the position of the national president of the Togolese association Numérique Citoyen, since 2021. His first company, EDZEPROCOM INFO, founded in 2011, introduced E-orga, a system for securing tickets, banknotes, and documents in Togo. He also founded MIABETOGO MARKET, an e-commerce platform promoting business visibility, WassaSMS, an SMS platform facilitating communication for companies, and the Doomevi platform designed to foster participatory democracy.

In 2016, E-AgriBusiness earned him the first prize for innovative applications in Togo, followed by another first prize at the 2017 AgriPME hackathon. In 2019, the Togolese head of state conferred upon him the title of chevalier national de l'ordre de mérite agricole, and in 2022, he received an honorary doctorate from the European-American University.

Melchior Koba


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