Tunisia: Walid Sultan Midani Designs and Develops Video Games

By : Melchior Koba

Date : vendredi, 01 mars 2024 13:32

Known for his innovations, the Tunisian video game entrepreneur invests in digital entrepreneurship. He also holds board positions in multiple organizations.

Walid Sultan Midani, a Tunisian entrepreneur and video game enthusiast, founded YouRun, an independent video game development studio based in Malta, Europe, in 2018. The studio, which publishes the 2D arena shooter Warshmallows, aims to combine elements of casual games, e-sports, and animated series to provide a unique gaming experience.

Midani is also a stakeholder in Bravvo, an AI-powered cloud platform designed to enhance employee engagement. The platform assists African companies in implementing top-tier employee engagement programs, allowing employees to acknowledge and reward each other’s work achievements.

Midani serves on the boards of La FrenchTech Tunis and Game for Change Africa. The former is a community comprising a broad network of digital economy players, aiming to generate services and actions beneficial to the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Game for Change Africa, on the other hand, leverages the power of games to drive social impact and economic growth in Africa.

Additionally, Midani is a founding member of the Pan Africa Game Group (PAGG), a network comprising over 200 game development talents across the continent. The Tunisian entrepreuneur, who earned an engineering degree in computer systems and networks from the Ecole supérieure privée d’ingénierie et de technologie (ESPRIT) in Tunis in 2008, founded DigitalMania Studio, a video game studio, in 2011. He served as the CEO of the studio until November 2023. From April 2022 to January 2023, he co-founded and served on the board of Makers Factory, an initiative aimed at accelerating innovation in creative sectors such as gaming.

DigitalMania Studio received Microsoft’s Best Performing Start-up Award in 2012 and was selected for the Europe4startups program the following year. In 2014, Midani, along with DigitalMania Studio, received the award for the best pitch and business model among the 10 international entrepreneurs participating in the PITME program in Silicon Valley. In 2017, Quartz named him one of the African innovators.

Melchior Koba


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