TunisianStartups Develops Awareness, Networking, and Training Projects for Entrepreneurs

By : Melchior Koba

Date : vendredi, 24 novembre 2023 14:06

TunisianStartups serves as a driving force for fostering entrepreneurship in Tunisia. It champions global connectivity, inclusion, education, and collaboration among players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

TunisianStartups, a Tunisian non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2016, is dedicated to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia by bridging connections among its key players. Through a diverse range of activities and programs, the organization provides comprehensive support to startups, addressing their challenges in financing, collaboration, visibility, and lobbying. Additionally, it cultivates dynamic links between local and international ecosystems.

It is led by Amel Saidane, the founder and CEO of BetaCube, a company specializing in building and developing B2B startups in the fintech and mobility sectors. Amel Saidane is also the co-founder of Digital2Value, a platform dedicated to the digital transformation of SMEs.

TunisianStartups is committed to propelling the success of Tunisian startups on a national and international scale. To achieve this goal, the organization has launched several impactful projects. They include INVEST'I, a community that unites the diverse players within Tunisia's innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem through the international EuroQuity platform.

The organization also developed The Think Tank, a dedicated team responsible for crafting improvement proposals for decision-makers, inspiring effective public policies in the field of entrepreneurship. Its interactive platform Index quantifies and presents an accurate and relevant representation of Tunisia's startup ecosystem.

Demonstrating its commitment to gender inclusion in technology, the NGO has initiated the Women & Tech project, empowering and providing visibility to women entrepreneurs in this domain.

TunisianStartups also offers TS Academy, an educational program that provides capacity-building courses for entrepreneurs through individual training sessions and masterclasses. Additionally, its Link4INN initiative encourages open innovation and fosters collaboration between startups and companies from diverse economic sectors.

With over 600 startups registered on its Index platform, a participant base of over 2,000 at its events, and a thriving network of more than 30 active members, TunisianStartups has established itself as a driving force in Tunisia's entrepreneurial landscape. Its success is bolstered by the support of renowned partners such as GIZ, Invest for Jobs, Expertise France, and The Dot.

Melchior Koba


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