Morocco: KoolSkools facilitates schools’ digital transformation

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : mardi, 19 juillet 2022 13:32

The coronavirus pandemic prompted the development of numerous distance-learning platforms in Africa. In Morocco, an edtech startup has decided to facilitate the process. 

KoolSkools is a digital edtech platform deployed by a Moroccan eponymous startup in 2020.  It enables schools to digitalize their course materials, create a content bank and deliver live classes online.  It aims to help improve the academic performance of primary and secondary school students. 

According to its founders, KoolSkools “helps unleash students’ creativity, lets them experience another type of education, facilitates interactions and knowledge transfer, connect schools, teachers, students, and parents while offering quality educational content.” 

The platform has a mobile app (available for Android and iOS devices) that allows parents, students, teachers, and academic institutions to register an account with KoolSkools. Using the app, students can attend classes and send practical assessments to teachers. As for parents, they can monitor their children’s performance and class attendance as well as access course transcripts. 

KoolSkools also aims to be a digital management tool for daily school operations such as student records, payment management, and communication with parents.

The edtech is present in several major Moroccan cities and claims to work with about 30 schools, 20,000 students, and nearly 700 teachers. Its ambition is to reach 100,000 students in the next two or three years and cover the whole of Morocco. Recently, it secured US$290,000 support from the institutional fund Maroc Numeric Fund. 

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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