Geo-tracking app Mahali makes delivery easier in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

By : Ruben Tchounyabe

Date : jeudi, 17 février 2022 13:15

Last updated : lundi, 28 février 2022 04:03

In 2019, Alexis Bafcop and Géraud Lacaze, two Orange engineers, launched a solution in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, to effectively meet the growing demand for online shopping delivery. 

Named Mahali, the solution was presented during the 3rd edition of the Abidjan e-commerce Days in December 2019. It is a mobile geo-tracking app that allows a seller and a buyer to agree on a geolocated point of delivery, in a country where addressing is still weak. The tool integrates a database of locations fed in part by users themselves, who can fill in their address by indicating the city, the neighborhood, and landmarks with photos. The delivery man receives a code that, once registered on Mahali, allows him to access the necessary information and to propose a delivery time to the buyer. The solution enables buyers to pay via mobile.

"The team studied how people locate and describe a place in the region. We interviewed people in e-commerce warehouses, deliverymen, buyers, startup creators, etc., to understand the reality and the challenges they face," says Alexis Bafcop. The addresses created in Mahali can also be shared for other purposes, such as emergency services or to direct visitors.

The project benefited from the support and guidance of Orange's intrapreneurship body -Intrapreneurs Studio. Mahali also relies on the expertise of Orange entities such as Orange Labs Services, XDLAB (UX design), and receives great support from Orange Côte d'Ivoire teams: Orange Money, Enterprise Services, Customer Test Center and data scientists.

A year ago, Alexis Bafcop explained that "users are the ones who create the value of the app. So it's free. The more the delivery landmarks are used, the more reliable they will be. In two years, when the database is sufficiently reliable and complete, merchants will be the most likely to pay for the service.” The app will soon be launched in other countries including Senegal and Cameroon, the founders said.

Ruben Tchounyabe


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