Uganda Launches New Digital Transformation Plan to Accelerate Inclusion and Development

By : Muriel Edjo

Date : mercredi, 23 août 2023 17:16

Digital technologies are quite useful, and many of their advantages emerged during the Covid-19 crisis. Seduced by them, many African governments decided to make the digital sector a pillar of their development strategy.

The Ugandan Ministry of ICT and National Orientation launched a new plan for digital transformation on August 17. The plan revolves around seven (7) key axes: digital infrastructure and connectivity; digital services; cybersecurity, data protection and privacy; digital skills; innovation and entrepreneurship; systematic experimentation and preservation of the national environment.

"The Digital Transformation Plan represents a bold vision of our nation's future, one that is not driven by technology alone, but in which technology serves as a catalyst for sustainable development, economic growth and improved living conditions for all Ugandans," said the ICT Minister, Chris Baryomunsi.

The five-year strategy (2023-2027) was drawn with the help of several partners, including the UN Development Program (UNDP). It is set to foster an administrative, economic, and social environment that will benefit both Ugandans and foreign investors.

According to a government survey on ICT conducted nationwide, only 5% of government ministries, departments, and agencies had internal IT interoperability frameworks in 2022. Furthermore, only 61% of local governments had access to the Internet, while only 5.6% of their staff regularly used a computer for business purposes.

Around one in two businesses (55%) had Internet access in the year reviewed, and only one in three had a professional website; 94% of the population still had no Internet access at home. 74% of the population had a cell phone, 49% of the population had a Mobile Money account, versus 10% with a personal bank account. The broadband Internet penetration rate was 55%. Currently, the contribution of ICT to gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated at 9%.

Uganda’s new Digital Transformation Plan falls under its 2040 Digital Uganda Vision launched in 2013. 

Muriel Edjo


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