Zimbabwe Launches Campaign to Digitalize Magistrates Courts

By : Hikmatu Bilali

Date : mercredi, 12 juin 2024 17:06

Digitalization streamlines processes, reducing paperwork, time, and resources required for court proceedings. This efficiency can lead to faster resolution of cases, which is crucial for economic development as it enhances the ease of doing business and fosters investor confidence.

Zimbabwe’s Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has embarked on a campaign to digitalize magistrates courts nationwide, aiming to improve access to judicial information. The campaign was launched across all 10 provinces as the JSC marked its 14th anniversary on June 10.

Chief Magistrate Faith Mushure said, "Digitalization of the magistrates courts will begin on January 1, 2025. This is a critical step towards ensuring efficient, transparent, and accessible justice for all Zimbabweans."

Since its establishment in 2010, the JSC has aimed to provide easy access to courts and judicial services across Zimbabwe, particularly in marginalized areas.

In its DIGITAL ECONOMY FOR ZIMBABWE Country Diagnostic 2021 report, the World Bank reveals that Zimbabwe has the potential to establish a strong digital government, having laid the foundation for a digital ID system, core back-end systems, an accessible government portal, and innovative digital services. This development signals a shift towards modernization and efficiency within the country's governance structures.

Hikmatu Bilali


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