In Togo, Lomé Taxi offers web and social network-based VTC services

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : samedi, 01 juillet 2023 04:59

After spending several years in the US, Afery Johnson (picture on the left) returned home to Togo, and set up his transport startup.

Lomé Taxi is a ride-sharing solution developed by a young Togolese company. It allows customers heading in the same direction to share transportation costs. Through this solution, users can travel around the city in cars at affordable rates. Already, the startup operates in 11 designated zones within the urban area of Lomé.

"The carpooling concept at Lomé Taxi emerged from the need to lower transportation costs for our customers. Faced with the repetitive rise in fuel prices, we had to increase our fares, and we noticed a decline in the use of our services due to the high cost of living. Through careful consideration, we found a solution that would allow our customers to continue using our services affordably," said Afery Johnson, founder of Lomé Taxi.

The solution does not require a mobile application. Users can easily access it through a web browser. To do so, they only need to provide information such as the departure date, departure time, departure neighborhood, destination, phone number, email address, and the number of passengers. The last piece of information is necessary to notify the start-up that you are open to sharing your ride with another person.

Besides the web platform, reservations can also be made through social media platforms like WhatsApp. SMS and direct calls are also available methods for contacting the start-up to make a reservation.

Lomé Taxi boasts a fleet of over 25 cars and operates from five offices across the Togolese capital. The fare for a trip downtown is CFA2,000, and CFA3,000 for trips to peripheral areas. The startup also offers a special service for people visiting the country.

"The driver picks them up from the airport to their place of residence. For those who no longer want to rent expensive cars during their stay, the company owner provides his car fleet at very affordable rates, tailored to their schedule," according to the platform.

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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