Sudanese Start-Up Tirhal Competes with Giants in e-Mobility Sector

By : Adoni Conrad Quenum

Date : vendredi, 07 juillet 2023 13:20

The African e-mobility sector is attracting giants from all over the world. In Sudan, a tech entrepreneur has partnered with his friends to establish a solution to compete in his country.

Tirhal is a technological solution developed by a Sudanese start-up. It connects passengers and drivers in four regions of Sudan. Based in Khartoum, the start-up was founded in 2016 by Mohamed Elzakey, Omer Elzakey, Yaser Abba, and Siddig Eltaj. Since its launch, it has already raised approximately $500,000 to support its growth and develop its technology.

"Tirhal's vision is to work to facilitate people's lives by providing various transport services that suit all groups," the platform states.

The mobile App is available on iOS and Android. Users register by creating an account, allowing them access to various features of the app. To take a ride, users simply input their destination, the type of vehicle, and the starting point, and Tirhal displays the fare for the ride. It is also possible to book a taxi for a future ride.

The start-up also offers delivery services, such as delivering parcels and taking orders from restaurants. Tirhal has a fleet of more than 200 motorcycles. For taxis, the start-up works with 2,900 vehicles that have already traveled more than 100,000 kilometers. A laudable record, despite rocky beginnings.

"When we started, we only had three cars, my uncle's and two of my friends'. Today, we have 45,000 drivers and 4.5 million customers," Mohamed Elzakey explained in 2019.

Tirhal charges 10% of the ride fare. This is a low percentage compared to what start-ups operating in the sector earn. However, this strategy, coupled with the quality of the fleet's vehicles, has allowed the start-up to dominate the Sudanese market. According to Play Store statistics, the Android version of the application has already been downloaded more than a million times.

In 2023, it was among the finalists of the AfricaTech Awards, an event that took place last June 15 on the sidelines of the Parisian technology exhibition, VivaTech.

Adoni Conrad Quenum


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